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The Washington Post

There was an article in The Washington Post that drove me batty. It was titled “How covid-19 is changing the way mothers parent their daughters” and the article made me livid. I took it to read that some mothers are focused on how to best make their daughters likable and empathetic and lovely and kind because of the trying times we’re in. This is the kind of “make America great again” thought process that will, without a doubt, impact progress that girls and women have made in the past few decades. 

When I first started to read the article, I assumed that it would talk about how mothers were fed up with being the primary caregiver who had to chose between their careers and their families. I was ready to get out the “yaasss kwens!!” and get excited for the conversations had all over the country about ensuring the equitable division of domestic labor for the future. 

Instead I got an article debating if a girl actually needed an education if she were nice. 

Livid doesn’t even begin to explain how I felt. 



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